Opening the gates of traditional economy to blockchain technology.

Operate wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Down below you can check out some of the main reasons to choose Drac



The low circulating Drac supply presents an advantage to all users who decide to stick with us throughout the project. In addition, airdrops play an important role within our community.



Implementing and facilitating Blockchain technology for everyday use is our prime characteristic. Our main goal is to standardize this technology in our society.


Security and decentralization

We use one of the most advanced operating Blockchains in the market, what stands out is its high security and complete decentralization, granting each and every one of our users absolute control of their Drac.

Drac distribution

Our current token distribution is largely due to a strategy that allows for a better circulating supply management, avoiding high market volatility, thus gradually increasing the token value as a result of its demand thanks to Drac’s conducted projects.


An alternative way for people keen to operate freely with their money in an open and dynamic economy. Drac strives to break the boundaries of convention seeking a real everyday use. Most of nowadays blockchain projects are focused to users who are already familiar with said technology. We eliminate the barriers that prevent users lacking solid coding or investments knowledge, from participating in such revolutionary sector. We make blockchain easy, the technology of the future.

Getting involved in Drac means:

  • Taking part in a young and ambitious project.
  • Enhancing the use of digital currencies in peoples's everyday use.
  • Engaging in project related decision-making.
  • Commit to a change in traditional economy.
  • Promote ethic values in the sector.

Instant, Direct and Secure

The DRAC platform allows you to send your money everywhere in the world instantly and without intermediaries, to buy and sell online wherever you are and whenever you want, invest in cryptocurrency, contribute to social projects and many other purposes.

Drac intends to bring blockchain technology to a new level facilitating its use in an easy and convenient way.

Transfer money without borders. Enjoy a unique and limitless experience.

Drac is a platform that connects software, payment systems and people. Operating with Drac is easy, reliable and free.

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